About Us


Birth of a phenomenal name

Ampel is a leather shoes’ manufacturing company which dates back to the 90’s where it started life as a quality control agency for the European companies. Today, it is has its own manufacturing infrastructure to produce & export to all major European brands throughout Europe. Through its history, Ampel has evolved to become the business it is today, reaching many a milestones along its journey. Ampel is focused on delivering the customers the exact product as per their specs what so complex. This strong customer orientation, many years later, gave rise to the launch of its first brand – Ninety9Steps. A company that encompasses all stages of the fashion protocols.
The products of Ninety9Steps are highly evaluated and made with well equipped machinery.

Sui Generis Collection
The Ninety9Steps’ collection redefines the attitude of Formal & Casual styles with Our fashion revolution.The innovation and ultimate passion expresses the craftsmanship and elegance typical of our brand by a step ahead with time, a step ahead with perfect moves.

What makes us Sui Generis
The manufacturing process behind Our shoes is complex and labour intensive with several important steps from creating of the first sketch, to the final packing of the end product.

Ninety9Steps  shoes are made from top-tier raw hides.
The in-house Research & Product Development team work tirelessly to bring You the most happening collection !
Products of Ninety9Steps keep moving keep moving from development to production to boutiques shelves to until they rest on Your feet.


Ninety9Steps is a brand aimed at professional spirits who demand classics with a a twist of latest trend along with quality and comfort.

 “Shoes for perfect moves”- is how We like to define it.


Our home town is the world’s second largest footwear capital, which naturally makes us concerned about the quality of our products.

At Ninety9Steps, quality is the foundation for everything.

Ninety9Steps’  products are defined by this prime material, the leather, to which Our Quality Control Team personally scan the reach compliance in process of tanning to ensure maintenance of sheen for Our products with traditional history. Our nonpareil Ninety9Steps  match with our matchless Manufacturing Team who go through several months of exhaustive research on the ongoing fashion and to the finest materials that must culminate well in the final product.